The Overseas Examinations Commission, through its Records & Information Department has the overall responsibility for the proper management of its information resources. Other core Department functions and services include:

  • Advisory to other departments on Records Management; recommendations regarding policy, guidelines, procedures and standards.
  • Coordinating records and information activities: Assisting with the training of staff; the management of the Departments’ records with a key goal being the archiving and preservation of those records that retain their value after they become inactive and which may be required for historical and research purposes e.g. Examination Results and Statistics.
  • The preparation of Transcripts for candidates who have sat examinations at the secondary level locally. Every year, the Department prepares and dispatches almost three thousand (3,000) such documents to various Tertiary and other institutions around the world for Academic, Employment and Foreign Embassy purposes. These Transcripts serve to confirm the authenticity of Examination Results and for this reason once a request is received, the document is processed and sent directly from the OEC to the requesting employer, school or other organization. It is important to note that Transcripts are not intended to be and cannot replace lost Examination Certificates. To ensure the veracity of the documents it is suggested that organizations obtain Transcripts directly from the Commission.

Transcripts provide certain advantages for candidates in pursuit of personal development goals. These Advantages include faster processing times in comparison to obtaining Replacement Certificates and Certifying Statements from Examining Bodies. Transcripts are also more affordable than Replacement Certificates and Certifying Statements. They also allow candidates to avoid sending original certificates, some of which may get lost, to prospective employers and organizations, especially since they are widely accepted in lieu of certificates as they are received directly from the Overseas Commission. This also relieves them of the burden of having to secure and return original certificates.

Another important advantage is that Examinations sat with multiple Examining Bodies can be requested on the same Transcript at a minimal incremental cost, in comparison to the cost of requesting several Certificates and or Certifying Statements from different Examining Bodies.

In order to ensure the efficient and timely dispatch of transcripts, clients are urged to supply accurate and complete information when making requests to the OEC. Clients are also urged to ensure that the information provided is accurate and legible.


How to Request a Transcript

A local request for transcript(s) can be made using any of the following options:

Visit our Offices to collect an application form at either 6 Manhattan Road, Kingston 5 or 18 Queens Drive, Praise Concourse Plaza, Montego Bay, St. James.

Send us Mail: print a form from our website at Complete the form and mail it to us. Please ensure the requisite fees are paid in full (incomplete application forms will not be processed). All applications sent by mail must be accompanied by the relevant payment method (absolutely no cash). Please ensure to pay the exact cost of the transcript(s), as under/over payment(s) will NOT be accepted.

Send an Email: email your completed transcript application form(s) along with your online banking payment confirmation receipt(s) to (see Requesting a Transcript Using Electronic Payment Method below – please note that only local currency payment(s) can be made using this option).

  1. If you are requesting transcript(s) from outside of Jamaica there are two available options:Provide a relative or friend in Jamaica with the relevant information and ask him/her to visit one of our offices, complete the application form and make the payment on your behalf.
  2. Print the form from our website, complete it and mail it to us along with an international money order made payable to the Overseas Examinations Commission (Please be reminded to pay the exact cost of the transcript(s), as under/over payment(s) will NOT be accepted).

Note: The Overseas Examinations Commission only provides transcripts for persons who sat examinations at institutions in Jamaica.


Transcript Cost Calculators


  1. Here are six easy steps for requesting a transcript via an electronic payment method:
  2. Complete transcript application form
  3. Confirm the computation of total fee payment due
    Using the banking information below make the transfer to the OEC’s account:
    Account Name: Overseas Examinations Commission
    Bank Name: Bank of Nova Scotia
    Type of Account: Chequing
    Branch Name: New Kingston
    Bank Address: Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I.
    Account Currency: Jamaican Dollars
    Account Number: 10003913
    Branch: 50575
  4. Email the transcript application form and your online payment confirmation receipt to:
  5. In the subject of the email please type ONLINE TRANSCRIPT PAYMENT and;
  6. In the body of the email confirm the payment amount and date of payment.

Using Courier Services

Clients who wish to send their transcripts via couriers may use one of two options:

  1. Provide us with their account numbers used with a courier service (applicable to persons with accounts) OR
  2. Pay the relevant courier charge(s) directly to the OEC.

Once the document is ready, we will contact the courier to do the pick-up.

Please note that any request for 24-hour processing received after 12:00 noon on any given day, will NOT be prepared for dispatch by the following day. Courier services are provided by independent third parties with different cut-off periods, which may impact the actual delivery date and time of the transcript.

Explanatory notes

Fax Charge: Please note that an individual requesting fax should confirm with the entity requesting the transcript, whether it will accept documents by fax until the original is received. This must be done prior to requesting the service and BEFORE paying for the service.

Sitting – this term refers to all subjects done in a single examination period with the same examining body and under the same centre number.

Processing time – this describes the length of time it takes to complete the series of activities necessary for the compilation of the transcript. Once these procedures are carried out, the document then becomes ‘ready for dispatch’. Weekends and public holidays are not included in processing time.

Reprints of Transcripts – are only granted for documents delayed in the postal system. They are only dispatched by facsimile to the entity of the original request.

Base charge – this is the basic processing charge that includes the first sitting. If a client has multiple sittings, a separate fee is charged for each additional sitting. A client sitting examinations with multiple examining bodies pays a different base charge for each.

All international money orders and manager’s cheques MUST be made payable to the Overseas Examinations Commission. The office DOES NOT process over or under payment(s).

There are no online payment platforms available at this time, however, bank transfer can be done using Jamaican currency ONLY. The confirmation receipt and completed application form should be emailed to

Transcripts are sent to institutions to verify results and not to the candidates who sat the examinations.

All fees are subjected to change without prior notification.

Please feel free to contact our offices for further information or clarification.

Records & Information Department
1(876) 929-1571/920-3284