Amending Certificates

Amendment(s) to CXC Certificates

To request an amendment to a certificate, please be guided by the following:

  • Write a letter of request addressed to Mr. Hector L. Stephenson, Executive Director, Overseas Examinations Commission.
  • Purchase an international bank draft at any Commercial Bank in the amount of the Board Fee (US$30.00) per certificate, made payable to the Caribbean Examinations Council (please note that rates given are subject to change by the Examining Board without notice).
  • Take along your birth certificate and the original CXC certificate(s) and;
  • Payment of a local service charge (J$3,600.00) will be required during the visit to one of our offices. This single payment must be made in full.

Please be reminded that a certificate takes approximately 2 to 3 months to be processed, once received.

Amendment(s) to GCE Certificates

Changes to GCE Certificates can only be made within 18 months from the date the original certificate or statement of results was issued.

Please note that the original certificate must be returned before an amendment can be done. Cambridge will not provide amended certificates or statements to candidates who have personal data amendment beyond this point.

The associated fees are detailed in our brochure under the heading GCE Cambridge Certifying Statement of Results.

The Commission offers an array of additional services to include:

  • Certified copies of results/certificates.
  • Transcripts to local and overseas firms and institutions.
  • Research using examinations statistics.
  • Registration for international examinations.
  • Enquiry on examination results/remark of scripts.
  • Provision of past papers for free when available.
  • Delivery of certificates to candidates registered with Private or Open Centres.
  • Seminars for Private Candidates.
  • Information about examinations/qualifications available through the Overseas Examinations Commission.