OEC Transcript & Verfication Services

What is a Transcript?

A Transcript is a statement of examination results. The Overseas Examinations Commission (OEC) transcript document outlines the grade received by a candidate for a specific examination taken in Jamaica at the secondary level. It is then sent directly to the institution or organisation to verify the results of examinations a given candidate takes. Transcripts are not provided directly to the candidate who sat the examination.

What is Verification Results?

This is a request made by an organisation in writing to the OEC to verify a candidate’s examination results. This can be done for prospective and current employees, students and other interests.

The Transcript and Verification service is one of OEC’s core functions offered at our Kingston and Montego Bay offices. The OEC maintains permanent records for specific results for Secondary Examinations as far back as 1943. 

Transcripts hold considerable value for candidates aiming to advance their personal or professional development. They offer clear cut benefits such as expedited processing times, presenting a time-efficient solution for document requirements. Additionally, their affordability makes them an accessible and practical choice.