AAT – Computer Based Examinations  

Registration Process 

Complete the AAT CBE entry form and return it to the Overseas Examinations Commission (OEC) at least five days before the specified date of the examination. 

There are two options to register and pay your fees for the AAT-Computer Based Examination. 

 Option (1) One 

  1. Obtain a bank draft- Fees payable to AAT MUST be paid in Great Britain Pounds in the form of a bank draft in the name of Overseas Examinations Commission (OEC). 
  1. Local Fees- Overseas Examinations Commission local fees MUST be lodged at the Bank of Nova Scotia using the payment voucher (pink) provided by the office. 


 Option (2) Two 

Pay (both the fees payable to AAT and local fees) at the Overseas Examinations 

Commission by Debit or Credit Card. 

 Important Reminders  

  • Kindly note that the deadline for registration for any CBE is five (5) working days prior to  the examination date. 
  •  Examinations are held at least four times per month. Examination booking arrangements  must be made with Miss Primrose Harris. Special arrangements may be made for  additional sitting. Conditions apply.   
  • Please note that the local fees contain a non-refundable processing fee of One Thousand and One Hundred Dollars ($1,100.00) should you request a refund. 

*Examination Fees are subject to change April 1, 2023. 


Withdrawals & Refunds  

  • The withdrawal of individual candidate entries and refund of fees must be requested four (4) working days prior to the date of the examinations. No refund will be granted if a candidate  is absent from the examination. All requests must be submitted in writing accompanied by  the payment voucher/receipt. 
  •  All Refund payments will be sent directly to a bank account, to which a bank form will be provided.  
  • N.B. No Administrative Fee will be deducted where the refund results from an error by the Overseas Examinations Commission (OEC).