CXC has a comprehensive suite of qualifications to meet the needs of the region: Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate® (CSEC®), Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence® (CCSLC®), Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ), Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination® (CAPE®) and the CXC® Associate Degree (CXC®-AD).

Overseas Examinations Commission administers examinations on behalf of Caribbean Examinations Council in Jamaica to all Public Schools, Private and Independent Schools and Private or unattached Candidates.

Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate

The Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination is offered in January for re-sit and private candidates and in May/June for in-school candidates and private candidates.

CSEC subjects are examined for certification at the General and Technical Proficiencies. The General and Technical Proficiencies provide students with the foundation for further studies and entry to the workplace.

The Council now offers a total of 33 subjects, that is, 28 subjects at General Proficiency and 5 at Technical Proficiency.
The six-point grading scheme reports on the performance of the candidate under six overall and profile grades as follows:

Overall grades – I, II, III, IV, V, VI

Profile grades – A, B, C, D, E, F



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Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination

The Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) is designed to provide certification of the academic, vocational and technical achievement of students in the Caribbean who, having completed a minimum of five years of secondary education, wish to further their studies. The examinations address the skills and knowledge acquired by students under a flexible and articulated system where subjects are organized in one-Unit or two-Unit courses with each Unit containing three Modules. Subjects examined under CAPE may be studied concurrently or singly.

The Caribbean Examinations Council offers three types of certification. The first is the award of a certificate showing each CAPE Unit completed. The second is the CAPE diploma, awarded to candidates who have satisfactorily completed at least six Units, including Caribbean Studies. The third is the CAPE Associate Degree, awarded for the satisfactory completion of a prescribed cluster of seven CAPE Units including Caribbean Studies and Communication Studies. For the CAPE diploma and the CAPE Associate Degree, candidates must complete the cluster of required Units within a maximum period of five years.

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Caribbean Vocational Qualification

The Caribbean Vocational Qualification or CVQ as it is commonly called is based on a competency based approach to training, assessment and certification. Candidates are expected to demonstrate competence in attaining occupational standards developed by practitioners, industry experts and employers. Those standards when approved by CARICOM allow for easy movement across the Region. Currently, CVQs are planned to reflect a Qualification framework of five levels. These are:

Level 1 Directly Supervised/Entry –Level Worker
Level 2 Supervised Skilled Worker
Level 3 Independent or Autonomous Skilled Worker
Level 4 Specialized or Supervisory Worker
Level 5 Managerial and/or Professional Worker

CVQs are awarded to those candidates who would have met the required standards in all of the prescribed units of study.
Currently ONLY Approved  Public Government Schools are allowed to sit this qualification in Jamaica.

Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence (CCSLC)