Growing up, I had a fear of exams, to the point where I would feel sick before, during and after. When I realized that I needed to do an IELTS exam at the Overseas Examinations Commission, that same fear from when I was growing up kicked in. However, when I arrived early for my exam, the staff was so welcoming and courteous, even offering words of encouragement. For the first time sitting an exam, I felt at peace going in.

I am a public figure, and persons may say “oh it’s because they know you”. HOWEVER, I had a mask on, and it wasn’t until I was leaving that some persons recognised me, as I had removed my mask to take a photo. This made my experience SO MUCH BETTER, because I was positive that the treatment I received was a part of the culture at OEC.

Thank you OEC for making my exam experience, a memorable one.