Results Verification

Results Verification

The Overseas Examinations Commission is charged with the responsibility of maintaining permanent records of specific results for Secondary Examinations.   With the advancement of technology there has been an increase in the reproduction and presentation of ‘authentic looking documents' by fraudulent persons being presented to prospective employers or institutions.  The OEC’s Records & Information Department serves as a repository for information on candidates’ examinations results dating back to 1943 (Cambridge) to present date.  Employers and institutions are therefore advised to carefully scrutinize documents provided by prospective employees/students and take advantage of the OEC’s capacity to verify results.  

Results VerificationThis Department provides Transcripts for examinations sat with several examining bodies including:

  • Associated Examining Board (AEB):
    • Ordinary (O' Levels)
    • Advanced Level (A' Level)
  • Caribbean Examination Council (CXC):
    • Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence (CCSLC)
    • Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC)
    • Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE)
  • GCE Cambridge (now CIE):
    • Ordinary (O' Levels)
    • Ordinary Alternative Level (OA)
    • Advanced Level (A' Level)
    • Advanced Subsidiary (AS)
  •  GCE London (Now Edexcel):
    • Ordinary Level (O' Levels)
    • Advanced Level (A' Level)
  • The London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI)
  • Royal Society of Arts Examinations Board (RSA)
  • Southern Examining Group (SEG)
  • Union of Lancashire and Cheshire Institutes (ULCI)

For persons, so desirous, The Overseas Examinations Office will forward a Certifying Statement of your results to an educational institution or to a place of employment on your behalf.  To have this done, an application and payment must first be made for a Transcript Request. Download the attached document for details on How to request a transcript.

The OEC provides results verification for organizations that are desirous of confirming the qualification presented to them by employees or prospective employees. Such Institutions may submit requests in writing on an official company letter head, signed by an authorized Officer and affixed with the Company’s seal.  The requests should be accompanied by a copy of the document that was presented by the applicant, which is in need of verification (e.g. Preliminary Results Slip, resume, certificate or transcript), along with a signed agreement by applicant granting authorization to do this background check. The Transcript Request Form may be downloaded and sent for the Verification of Results to:

The Executive Director
Overseas Examinations Commission
6 Manhattan Road
Kingston 5