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The Record & Information Department of the Overseas Examinations Commission compiles statistical information on External Secondary Examinations done in Jamaica, currently Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and on the overall performance of Examination Centres in Jamaica.  Statistical information provided and available to the general public include: 

  • Territorial statistics, which provide the cumulative results for each subject; the total number of candidates (which further are broken down according to gender) sat the subjects in Jamaica and the grades received.
  • School Statistics – These statistics provide information on the number of students (broken down by gender)  which sat each subject from a given institution and the grades received.
  • Entry data provides information on the total number of candidates entered in a given year in Jamaica and number of subjects taken. 

In addition to the provision of statistics and data, the OEC Library provides on-site access to computer and internet for researchers.  Photocopies are only allowed (at a cost) however, in accordance with the Copyright Laws.  

All requests for the use of the Library and Research Facilities must be made in writing and are granted, at a cost, by appointment only.