Keeva Ingram

Keeva Ingram

A past student of St Andrew High, Keeva Ingram joined their Academic Staff in 1998 as a teacher of Management of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship and was appointed Vice Principal of the Lower School in 2018. She holds a Masters of Education in Educational Administration (UWI), a Bachelor’s of Science in Professional Management (Nova Southeastern University, USA) and a Diploma in Education (UTech). She earned her Professional Qualification for Principalship from the National College for Educational Leadership in 2016 and was appointed Acting Principal of St Andrew High School for Girls September 1, 2019. Mrs. Ingram is the second Old Girl to be appointed Principal since the School’s founding in 1925. 

Mrs. Ingram has served as Assistant Dean of Discipline, Grade Coordinator (Grades 8 & 12) and Teacher Representative to the PTA.  In addition to her teaching, Mrs. Ingram has brought her administrative skills in curriculum planning, programme administration, innovation and strategic planning to the School. She has assisted in developing and managing the school’s systems for increased efficiency in operations and performance having served as the Coordinator for eLearning, the School Information Management System (SIMS) and the Student Evaluation of Staff. 

Mrs. Ingram is also actively involved in the community, particularly with the youth. She has served in the Swallowfield Chapel Youth Department, Choir Director and Community Outreach Ministries. Mrs. Ingram has also worked with faith-based youth camps – Moorlands and Inter-Schools Christian Fellowship (ISCF). She has volunteered in musical theatre and performance with the Jamaica Musical Theatre Company (JMTC) and the Swallowfield Chapel.

Mrs. Ingram currently serves as Assistant Treasurer for Jamaica Association of Principals of Secondary Schools.  

She is married to David and together they have four children.