Cavan Lewis

Cavan Lewis

Cavan Lewis is a highly accomplished and dedicated individual, hailing from Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica. With a strong educational foundation, his journey through primary and high school has been marked by outstanding leadership and academic excellence. During his time at Friendship Primary, he excelled in various roles, serving as the Head Boy, Peer Councillor, and even as the President of the Red Cross. These early experiences laid the foundation for his future accomplishments.

 Continuing on his path of excellence, Mr Lewis attended St Jago High School from 2017 to 2022. He gained an impressive 10 CSEC subjects and took on multiple leadership roles. Notably, he served as the President of the Debate & Literary Arts Society, Assistant Vice-President of the Environmental Network, Chairman of the Web Team, Junior Chaplain of the Devotion Team, and excelled as a volleyball player. His commitment to the Student Council was also evident as he held the position of Vice-President, in addition to his role as Sub-Prefect on the Technical Support Team. His dedication to his studies and extracurricular activities earned him prestigious awards, including the Victor Edwards Award for Debating, the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the Web Team, the CSEC- 2x Regional Merit Scholar and the CSEC – Excellent Performance Award.

Currently attending Jamaica College in the Sixth Form, Mr Lewis continues to excel academically and in leadership. He has pursued studies in Law, Sociology, Digital Media, and Communication studies, earning four passes in Unit 1 CAPE. His involvement at Jamaica College is equally impressive, serving as the Student Council Treasurer, Vice-President of Digital Arts, Probation Prefect, President of the Model United Nations, and actively participating in the Debate Society and as a volleyball player. His accolades include an Honourable Mention Award from the Change the World Model UN Conference in New York.

Beyond his school achievements, Mr Lewis is also involved in several prominent organisations. He holds the prestigious position of National President for the National Secondary Students’ Council for the term 2023-2024, having previously served as the National Public Relations Officer in 2022-2023 and Region 6 Assistant Vice-President in 2021-2022. Furthermore, he is a Youth Advocate with the Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network from 2023 to 2025 and serves as the Special Interest Coordinator for Middlesex within the National Youth Parliament.

Mr Lewis is a true embodiment of leadership, academic excellence, and a commitment to making a difference. His journey through primary and high school, as well as his ongoing contributions to various organisations, showcase his dedication to personal growth and community service.