The HEART/NSTA Trust and the Overseas Examinations Commission (OEC) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the Commission to administer the National Council on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (NCTVET) examinations up to November 2022.

The signing ceremony, held on Thursday (July 23), at the OEC’s offices at 6 Manhattan Road, Kingston, formalised a partnership forged between the entities in November 2019.

Managing Director of the HEART/NSTA Trust, Dr. Janet Dyer said the signing of the MOU will increase the viability and sustainability of the NCTVET assessment and certification of the labour force.

“The Trust and NCTVET welcome this agreement, as it is adding that critical opportunity for us to expand access and continuity of our assessment and certification services,” she said.

Dr. Dyer pointed out that the MOU establishes the framework for cooperation between the two entities and the coordinated sustained methods of delivery of NCTVET assessment.

“We are very optimistic that this will change the way many Jamaicans access assessment and certification, and it will also help to eliminate some of the challenges we have been experiencing,” she noted.

Under the MOU, NCTVET and OEC will share information and technical expertise. Both signatories will collaborate in organising symposia, seminars and conferences and the sharing of facilities and amenities to facilitate the training of clients and prepare them for emerging jobs.

Deputy Director of the OEC with responsibility for the administration of examinations, Sharon Burnett, said the signing of the MOU will bring benefits to Jamaicans pursuing qualification and certification.

The NCTVET has the responsibility to develop standards, accredit programmes, develop assessments, and award certificates and diplomas to individuals who have demonstrated competence in vocational areas.

The OEC, an agency with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, acts as a proctoring (supervising) body for regional and international examining boards for secondary and tertiary level education, and has been serving the government and people of Jamaica for more than 130 years.

Overseas Examinations Commission To Administer NCTVET Exams