Frequently Asked Questions

Listing of questions as a reference for individuals who want to learn about the organisation

I am a private candidate. How do I register to sit the CXC or the GCE examinations?

The CXC CSEC examinations are held twice per year in January & May/June.  
CAPE & CCSLC are held annually in May/June.
Cambridge IGCSE & A’Level examinations are held in May/June 

Entry forms can be obtained from and returned to:

  1. Overseas Examinations Commission Head Office

6 Manhattan Road, Kingston 5 

  1. Overseas Examinations Commission Western Office
    18 Queens Drive
    Praise Concourse Plaza
    Montego Bay
    St. James

How do I get syllabuses for the subject?

Syllabuses for CSEC, CAPE and Cambridge examinations are available from the respective websites:
CXC – 
Cambridge –

Do you sell study guides for CXC subjects?

Study guides are no longer available from the OEC. Some may be found on the respective websites.

Where is the Overseas Examination Commission office located?

Our main office is at 6 Manhattan Road, Kingston 5 which is the road in front of the entrance to the NWC on Marescaux Road.

We are also located in Montego Bay to serve our clients from the Western section of the island, at 18 Queens Drive, Praise Concourse Plaza

If I register as a private candidate, where will I sit the examination?

The OEC attempts to place candidates at a centre within their parish of residence, as such, the OEC has examination centres for CXC examinations available in 12 of the 14 parishes.. However, centres may be established according to the number of candidates registered for the examination sitting.

There are fewer venues for Cambridge examinations. Centres are established outside of Montego Bay and Kingston dependent on the number of candidates registered for the examination sitting.

How will I know where to go?

At least 2 weeks before the start of the examination, you will receive your Timetable in the mail. You will also receive an instruction sheet which will give you your centre location.

What do I do if I do not receive my Timetable?

Contact the OEC immediately. At the time entries are checked the candidate is able to receive his/her registration / candidate number. This is enough, along with a valid identification card.

Alternatively, the OEC can provide the candidate / registration number. This is enough, along with a valid identification card.

If I have lost my certificate, how do I get another one?

Examining Bodies expect that only 1 certificate should be in circulation at any one time. However, replacement documents can be provided.

CXC – A replacement Certificate is available. Please click this link for additional information. (link to brochure )
Cambridge provides a Certifying Statement of Results. Please click this link for additional information. (link to brochure )
The OEC will assist you in the process.

The OEC can also forward a statement of your results to an educational institution or to a place of employment on your behalf. However, you would need to complete a transcript request form (link to transcript form ). There is a cost for this service.

How can I be a Supervisor or Invigilator for examinations?

If you are over 18 years, honest and reliable, have completed Secondary Education, and is not registered for CXC or Cambridge examinations in the current sitting, you may apply to the OEC for the position of an invigilator.

A Supervisor must be mature, over 25 years old but not older than 70 years old and have completed Secondary/Post-Secondary education. Must have at least two character references and own/operate a reliable motor vehicle or have available private transportation.

If I am preparing candidates for CXC/GCE examinations, how do I register as a centre?

Your institution must first be approved and registered with the Ministry of Education. Once you have a Ministry of Education registration number, then you apply to the OEC for centre registration. An officer from the OEC will visit to ensure that the necessary facilities; including security arrangements and accommodation, are in place. If you meet the required standard you will be awarded a CXC/Cambridge centre number.

However, this does not mean that examinations will necessarily be allowed at your school. That process is separate.

If I do a correspondence course, can you provide a Proctor for the examinations?

The core job of this office is to administer examinations, so yes, we will provide a Proctor. You should however submit the Proctor form to the Executive Director of this office for signing before it is forwarded to the Examining Body.

Which examination is easier, CXC or GCE?

None is easier. They are both challenging and with diligent study and correct use of Syllabuses and support materials you should be guaranteed success.

What type of identification is acceptable for examinations?

Drivers licence, passport and electoral registration identification card.

If I have none of the acceptable identification for examination, what should I do?

Take immediate step to procure at least one. You will not be allowed to write examinations without appropriate identification.