ACCA Computer Based Examination Fees 2017- March 2018

ACCA Qualifications

F1 Accountant in Business           £66 per token

F2 Management Accounting        £66 per token

F3 Financial Accounting               £66 per token

F4 (ENG) and F4(GLO)                 £80 per token


FIA Qualifications

FA1  Recording Financial Transactions       £45 per token

MA1 Management Information                    £45 per token

FA2  Maintaining Financial Records            £45 per token

MA2 Managing Costs and Finance              £45 per token

FAB  Accountant in Business                       £66 per token

FFA   Financial Accounting                          £66 per token

FMA Management Accounting                     £66 per token

Local Fee                                                     $3,750 per subject