The Overseas Examinations Commission, through its Records & Information Department has the overall responsibility for the proper management of its information resources. Other core Department functions and services include:

  • Advisory to other departments on Records Management; recommendations regarding policy, guidelines, procedures and standards.
  • Coordinating records and information activities: Assisting with the training of staff; the management of the Departments’ with a key goal being the archiving and preservation of those records that retain their value after they become inactive and which may be required for historical and research purposes e.g. Examination Results and Statistics.
  • The preparation of Transcripts for candidates who have sat examinations at the secondary level locally. Every year, the Department prepares and dispatches almost three-thousand (3,000) such documents to various Tertiary and other institutions around the world for Academic, Employment and Foreign Embassy purposes. These Transcripts serve to confirm the authenticity of Examination Results and for this reason once a request is received, the document is processed and sent directly from the OEC to the requesting employer, school or other organization. It is important to note that Transcripts are not intended to be and cannot replace lost Examination Certificates. To ensure the veracity of the documents it is suggested that organizations obtain Transcripts directly from the Commission.

Transcripts provide certain advantages for candidates in pursuit of personal development goals. These Advantages include faster processing times in comparison to obtaining Replacement Certificates and Certifying Statements from Examining Bodies. Transcripts are also more affordable than Replacement Certificates and Certifying Statements. They also allow candidates to avoid sending original certificates, some of which may get lost, to prospective employers and organizations, especially since they are widely accepted in lieu of certificates as they are received directly from the Overseas Commission. This also relieves them of the burden of having to secure and return original certificates.

Another important advantage is that Examinations sat with multiple Examining Bodies can be requested on the same Transcript at a minimal incremental cost, in comparison to the cost of requesting several Certificates and or Certifying Statements from different Examining Bodies.

In order to ensure the efficient and timely dispatch of transcripts, clients are urged to supply accurate and complete information when making requests to the OEC. Clients are also urged to ensure that the information provided is accurate and legible.