Yvonne Bignall

Mrs. Yvonne Bignall

In a career spanning over 40 years, Mrs. Ianthe Eleisa Bignall (also called, Yvonne Bignall) has served in several capacities in the fields of Education & Financial Services. A graduate of Shortwood Teachers’ College, she was an outstanding teacher of Science and Mathematics at the Secondary School level in both the public and private school systems in Jamaica before entering the Insurance Industry, where she held various Administrative and Sales Positions and received numerous awards for Outstanding Achievement. Mrs. Bignall received her Bachelor of Science degree in Management Studies at the University of the West Indies. She later pursued Graduate Studies at Florida International University from which she earned the Master of Science degree in Management Studies with emphasis in Human Resource Management.

Formerly Vice President, Academic Affairs at the University College of the Caribbean, Mrs. Bignall has been serving at Northern Caribbean University since 2006 and is currently the Vice President for University Relations, providing oversight to several university functions such as Human Resource Management, Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Relations, Student Recruitment and Admissions, Special Events and Hospitality Services and NCU Media. A committed Christian and dedicated member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Mrs. Bignall has been actively supporting her pastoral husband, Derek, in his ministry to the Church throughout the – almost 39 years of their marriage. They are proud parents of one adult daughter who is a Teacher and Guidance Counsellor.