Grace McLean, PhD

Dr. Grace McLean

Grace McLean joined the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information in July 2009 as Deputy Chief Education Officer and was subsequently promoted to the post of Chief Education Officer.  A graduate of Edwin Allen Comprehensive School in Clarendon, She is a trained Teacher and Human Resource practitioner. Grace is no stranger to the education sector. She taught at the St. Jago High School for 5 years where she served as Head of Department. Before joining the Central Ministry, she served at the HEART Trust/NTA (an agency of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information) for 14 years and left as the Senior Programmes Director.

She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Career and Technical Vocational Education, Masters of Business Administration Degree in Human Resource Management, from the University of the West Indies and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from the University of Technology, as well as a certificate from the Harvard Business School in Strategic Data Management.

Her wealth of experience and technical skills include TVET Leadership, Strategic Planning, Disruptive Innovation, Log Frame Planning and Balance Scorecard Methodologies, Change Management, Strategic Data Planning, Business Process Improvement as well as Behavioural Interviewing Techniques.

Grace has served and continues to serve on several boards and committees in various areas of the Country. She also serves and represents Jamaica on a regular basis at regional and international meetings where she serves on several committees. She is regularly involved in public speaking, responds to various educational issues in the media and aims to continuously improve the educational system. She has been lending her expertise on the boards and committees she sits on in the areas of Human Resource, Finance, Audit and Operations. She is also an expert in Technical Vocational Education and Training and provides guidance locally, regionally and internationally on various TVET issues, concepts and principles from which she has done several publications.

Grace McLean is a member of the Barbican Baptist Church. She is married to Eron and has two children; son Orville and daughter Eronica.