Overseas Examinations Commissions Act

Arramgement Of Sections


1. Short title.
2. Interpretation.

Overseas Examinations Commission

3. Establishment of Overseas Examinations Commission.
4. Object of Commission.
5. Functions of Commission.
6. Ministerial directions.


7. Appointment of officers and other employees.
8. Pensions, gratuities and other retiring benefits.

Financial Provisions, Accounts and Reports

9. Funds and resources of the Commission.
10. Borrowing powers.
I I. Power of Minister of Finance to guarantee loans to Commission.
12. Power to invest moneys.
13. Exemption from taxes and duties.
14. Accounts and audit.
15. Annual reports and estimates.
16. Power of Minister to require returns.


17. Regulations.
18. Amendment of First and Second Schedules.

Transitional Provisions

19. Transfer of money, property, liability, etc.

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